leisurelineā„¢ Bench Seating - designed specifically for commercial

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Bench Seating

                                designed specifically for commercial

                                    washrooms & changing rooms

               Why should I specify leisureline bench seating from ALM?

1. Each frame carries a multi-year guarantee against corrosion (contact our sales team for further details).

2. Our steel frames undergo an extensive 12 step pre-treatment and powder coating process prior to final assembly which  guarantees their ability to withstand years of service in dry or wet changing rooms.

3. Fixing bolts are manufactured from non corrosive materials.

4. We make our tie bars to suit every room, this allows the frames to be equi-spaced and provides a custom made feel.

5. Heavy duty, tie down brackets endure the same coating process as the frames and ensure your seating stays where you want it no matter how tough the going is.

6. Wood, compact laminate or solid surfacing seat surfaces can be easily incorporated into the designs.

7. For poolside or extremely harsh environments, the new stainless steel cantilever frame is ideally suited and will provide years of maintenance free service.

leisureline bench seating frame coating process

ALM have used there vast experience of commercial washroom and changing room   environments to design out every possible entry point for moisture to get a hold and cause corrosion, consequently our frames have been independently tested to sustained saltwater marine exposure without failure or corrosion occurring.

Comparative tests on competitors products were unable to survive this test, see below.

With  many years of experience manufacturing and installing our bench seating, you can be confident our advice and support is second to none.

Please feel free to call us to discuss your project, alternatively send us your drawings and we will calculate the bench requirements, tie bar lengths and advise you of any aspect of the project where non standard  components may be required.