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Early Years
Little Ones
Orion cubicles

Colour provides a bright side to childhood and it’s fascinating to try and understand why they are so enamored with it.  The playful, visually stimulating variations of ‘reflected light’ that we see as ‘colour’ provides a dose of happy energy like that of a child.

ALM created Little Ones and Orion cubicles to give you the opportunity to build a kaleidoscope of colours to suit the specific needs of the client, from neutral tones to bold primary colours and even digital print.

Both systems are tailored for younger children and feature low level panels to ensure the environment feels safe and does not intimidate the child.

Little Ones feature curved aluminium fascia's which are decorated with a bright and cheerful wrap.

Orion Cubicles are designed to allow the compact laminate fascia panel to be machined into any shape. This gives you a blank canvas when designing the system. The unique support leg is designed and tested to ensure the cubicle is able to withstand the  rigours of  constant use.




Magnetic door catches and brightly coloured hand prints lead the user to push the door open and ensure staff are easily able to supervise and access the cubicles at all times.

- Unique leg with large fixing area to provide stability and strong  bolt through panel fixings.

- Wraparound hinges and bolt through caps guarantee years of maintenance free operation.

- Brightly coloured door closing handle with magnetic catch for ease of operation.

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ALM offer a full design and consultation process so you can rest assured your needs will be fully met and were always on hand to offer technical and site installation support.

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