L4 Leg

L4 Leg

L4 Partition Support Leg (17-19mm & 19-21mm)

In certain situations, you will encounter an uneven floor i.e. to aid drainage. Where this occurs it is important to maintain a constant level across the top of the cubicles. This leg incorporates a fully adjustable foot, the nominal height of the panel from the floor is 150mm with an adjustment of +/- 15mm. Fixed to the panel with a BB2 bolt.

The leg is fixed to the floor by means of two screws and can be easily installed in-situ. The height can be adjusted prior to fitting the partition panel, which is secured to the leg using a "T" nut barrel bolt to prevent vandalism.

The leg is available in a silver anodised finish or can be powder coated to a colour of your choice.

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